Theories of Motivation

Theories of Motivation - Motivation Concepts Motivation is...

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Motivation Concepts Motivation is the process that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Intensity is how hard a person tries, this is what we are most focused on when we talk about motivation. Extrinsic factors, such as supervision, pay, company policies and working conditions seem to be related to job dissatisfaction CONTEMPORARY THEORIES OF MOTIVATION Cognitive Evaluation Theory Proposes that the introduction of extrinsic rewards that are tangible, such as pay causes the intrinsic interest in the work itself to decline. However, extrinsic rewards that are verbal such as positive praise results in an increase in focus on the task and motivates the employee Therefore, employees need to choose careers for reasons other than extrinsic rewards and employers need to provide intrinsic rewards in addition to extrinsic incentives Goal Setting Theory Specific goals produce a higher level of output, than a general “do your best”. The specificity of a goal itself acts as an internal stimulus. Managers should make goals specific and difficult- managers should set the highest goals to which employees will commit Difficult goals direct our attention to the task at hand and away from irrelevant distractions and force us to work harder. People do better when they get feedback on how well they are progressing toward their goals because feedback helps to identify discrepancies between what they have done and what they want to do. Self-generated feedback (employees monitor
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Theories of Motivation - Motivation Concepts Motivation is...

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