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Outline - Decision Making

Outline - Decision Making - organizational factors 3.1.1...

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BADM 066 Organizational Behavior 1 Topic Outline and Learning Objectives Decision Making Related Chapters: Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 (pp. 122-126) 1. Overview 1.1. Define perception and factors that influence perception 1.2. Define decision and distinguish between programmed and non-programmed decisions 1.3. Describe the rational decision process for non-programmed decisions 1.4. Compare a decision making process based on rationality with one based on bounded rationality 2. Group Decision Making 2.1. Compare group and individual decision making in terms of creativity, acceptance, speed/efficiency, and accuracy 2.2. Define conformity and groupthink 2.3. Describe the symptoms of groupthink and strategies to prevent groupthink 3. Individual Perception and Decision Making 3.1. Describe four separate influences on decision making (decision maker, errors and biases, emotions,
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Unformatted text preview: organizational factors) 3.1.1. The decision maker Compare four types of decision making styles based on the value orientation and tolerance for ambiguity framework 3.1.2. Errors and Biases Explain common shortcuts individuals use in making judgments about others: fundamental attribution error, self-serving bias, selective perception, halo/horns error, contrast error, stereotyping, leniency/central tendency/severity error, primacy/recency error Explain the following decision making biases: availability bias, anchoring bias, confirmation bias, overconfidence bias, hindsight bias, escalation of commitment 3.1.3. Explain how emotions influence decision making 3.1.4. Describe organizational factors that influence decision making 3.2. Describe the role of intuition in decision making 2...
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Outline - Decision Making - organizational factors 3.1.1...

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