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BADM 066 Organizational Behavior 1 Topic Outline and Learning Objectives Conflict and Negotiation Related Chapters: Chapter 13 1. Conflict 1.1. Define conflict 1.2. Distinguish between functional and dysfunctional conflict 1.3. Describe how type of conflict, amount of conflict and trust climate in the team relates to the emergence of functional or dysfunctional conflict 1.4. Describe factors that can trigger conflict 1.5. Distinguish between five different individual conflict resolution styles, describe the advantages and disadvantages of each style, and summarize factors that influence the selection of a conflict resolution style to resolve a conflict situation 1.6. Describe the conflict process, as described in the textbook
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Unformatted text preview: 1.7. Describe different strategies that managers can use to resolve conflict between their employees and to promote functional conflict 2. Negotiation 2.1. Define negotiation 2.2. Distinguish between distributive and integrative bargaining and describe the conditions under which each type of bargaining is most effective 2.3. Describe guidelines for effective integrative bargaining 2.4. Define target point, resistance point, aspiration range, BATNA 2.5. Describe the “falling in love rule” and guidelines for making an opening bid 2.6. Describe the five steps of the negotiation process as described in the textbook...
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