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COMM 25 Review Sheet for Exam #2 Exam: Monday, November 8 Format: 40 multiple choice, some will be true/false Ch. 5: Nonverbal Defined Types of messages conveyed How nonverbal cues relate to/modify verbal messages Codes (kinesic: emblems, illustrators, regulators, affect displays, adaptors, facial displays; paralinguistics; chronemics and time orientations; proxemics, territoriality) *Don’t worry about physical appearance and object language, Ch. 6: Interpersonal Dyadic and developmental approaches to defining (text p. 141) Public vs. private relationships (lecture) Rules and “ways of knowing” (from lecture/web site link; also see p. 142-43) Ways of, or approaches to, defining relationships (from lecture) Dialectic approach to relationships (primary dialectics and how they are “resolved”) Interpersonal attraction filtering theory (Duck) Interaction patterns Self-disclosure (defined, rules, benefits) Responding to disclosures (advising/evaluating, analyzing/interpreting, reassuring/supporting,
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