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workshop 3 f10 key - 55g c. What if I want to make 17 grams...

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Workshop 3 – Limiting Reagents One mole of a monatomic atom has a mass equal to its atomic weight in grams, and it  contains 6.02x10 23  atoms. One mole of a molecule has a mass equal to the sum of the atomic weights of its  constituent atoms in grams, and it contains 6.02x10 23  molecules. For example, the molar  mass of carbon monoxide, CO, is 28 g/mol. 1) Adapted from Exam 1, Fall 2007 a. Dinitrogen trioxide can be made by reacting nitrogen gas with oxygen gas. What is  the maximum number of grams of dinitrogen trioxide that can be made if 35.0 g of  nitrogen are reacted with 48.0 grams of oxygen? Oxygen limiting, 76g N 2 O produced b. Assume the process in part a only proceeds with a 72% yield. How many grams of  dinitrogen trioxide can now be made?
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Unformatted text preview: 55g c. What if I want to make 17 grams of dinitrogen trioxide and I know the reaction proceeds with a 72% yield. How many grams of nitrogen and oxygen should I start with? 17g actual yield 23.6g theo yield N 2 O 3 8.7g nitrogen, 15g oxygen 2) Adapted from Exam 1, Fall 2004 Iron reacts with oxygen to produce an iron oxide compound in approximate 100% yield. A plot of moles iron reacted (Y) vs. moles phosphorous reacted (X) yields a straight line with a slope of 2.0 that passes through the origin. What is the chemical formula of the iron oxide compound that is produced? No credit will be given unless I can tell how you got your answer i.e., show all your work. FeO...
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workshop 3 f10 key - 55g c. What if I want to make 17 grams...

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