common polyatomic ions

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Unformatted text preview: OHNO3NO2CNHCO3CO32CrO42Cr2O72PO43NH4+ hydroxide nitrate nitrite cyanide bicarbonate1 carbonate chromate dichromate phosphate ammonium ClO4ClO3MnO4HSO4SO42SO32AsO43- perchlorate chlorate permanganate bisulfate8 sulfate sulfite arsenate 1The bicarbonate anion, HCO3-, is sometimes called hydrogen carbonate, and the bisulfate anion, HSO4-, is sometimes called hydrogen sulfate. This can be confusing, as the uncharged H2CO3 and H2SO4 are also sometimes called by these same names. Strictly speaking, they should be called dihydrogen carbonate and dihydrogen sulfate. Nothing is easy. 8 ...
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