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Marry Shelly in her novel - Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad...

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Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad English 220 Professor Ueda 03/02/2010 “The distorted being” Marry Shelly in her novel “Frankenstein” uses different range of literary devices in order to grasp the reader. Her unique use of imagery to describe her characters, the voice, mood and setting brings about the desired emotions she intends. The novel has a structured flow to it, as we read. The main theme of the novel is horror, as we read about the grotesque and its evil acts. The characterization and the point of view presented, tend to highlight the theme which is evident at many instances throughout the novel. The grotesque, which is one of the main characters of the novel, has a dynamic characterization, as we see it develop and change throughout. Shelly, creates the setting in such a way which intimidates the reader at first. Then gradually as she develops the character, we see that under that abhorrent guise there is more of a compassionate, emotional, human-like creature. Thus, one of the most important aspects of the novel that I saw was that its human nature to detest someone ugly, to shun it from the society, with no fault of its own, it still becomes “the evil” force. The voice Shelly uses in her writing shows us how evil originates, and what are the reasons behind their evil acts. The novel begins with the letters written by Robert Walton to his sister. He explains his experience as a sailor, and we see that the whole novel is basically a narration by Walton to his sister of Victor and his creation. One of the first instances of the grotesque we see is in Walton’s letters, when he relates to his sister about the sledge that they saw on the icy plains. He describes it as a being which was like a man, but was gigantic in size. The mention of the creature in the
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Muhammad 2 letter does not come again until Walton’s guest asks if they had seen it. After this however, we see no reference to the monster until in chapter five when Victor describes his creation. At this point of the novel the setting created by Shelley is of how Victor after such toil was finally successful in giving life to the creature of his dreams. He was overwhelmed with emotions, and even though he had given life to a hideous creature he described it as “Beautiful! Great God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of lustrous
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Marry Shelly in her novel - Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad...

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