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scan-3 - Conformity hinders greatness it doesn’t allow...

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Unformatted text preview: Conformity hinders greatness, it doesn’t allow individuality. If people are not spontaneous and original don’t use their mind for choice, there will be no advancement in society 30. What, according to Mill, is the great benefit of cultivating our individuality? New ideas toimprove society, and individual happiness 31. What is the likely outcome of suppressing individuality? Conforming, no advancement in society 32. Mill argues that our first obligation to society is the duty not to harm the interests of others, or interfere with their rights. What does he think is the source of this obligation? Source: protection from the state (like an exchange) 33. What is our second social obligation, according to Mill? To serve and work for society (to contribute) 34. Characterize in detail, and with examples, the kinds of rights that Mill believes are protected by his Harm Principle. 1. Freedom of conscience 2. Freedom of tastes and pursuits 3. Freedom of assembly 35. Does Mill think that, in general, it is easy to distinguish between “that part of a person’s life which concerns only himself and that which concerns others. . .”? No, it is hard but it is possible. 36. What are the criteria Mill offers for distinguishing between self—regarding conduct (that part of a person’s life that concerns only him/herself) and other-regarding conduct (that which concerns or affects others)? Other regarding: action violates an assignable duty to another, or action causes definite damage or risk of damage to another Self: all other actions 37. Give examples Whereflleexemise ofindividml rights is self-regarding. No harm involved yet, so sewing an apron 38-6iveexamplwwhaeflnaufisedfllflsism No harminvolved yet. drivingmaZlaml'mhm 39. Win is a quadficasigmbbhy? mfliflmcflhuflm Assignable duty: one with an WWaW‘dmm Parent/child, doctor/patient, hushamllifi'e rights entailed?! 40.6iveexamplesoflnmflntislnnnjusttoumflf. Using a sewing needle to pierce your body in some way 41- GiveexamplecofharmflmishmmmamfllerJomtusmbanfly. Driving on a busy highway at IOOMPH and weaving (put others in dam) ...
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