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scan-10 - w baiption of his method of dialectic Summarize...

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Unformatted text preview: w baiption of his method of dialectic. Summarize it. . flux pasmde captain to let them rule. They get praise for being able to persuade fly he: ti: knowledge. - ~ II: no nary philosophers? haflmnpher because you can’t have belief, you have to have the knowledge and the ablitiy to ' the education of the Rulers—the Philosopher Kings/Queens—Plato develops a theory of ,A the Forms as opposed to sense particulars. What problem(s) do you see arising from his theory? I , , Plato’s line of cognitive development. Inwledge of the highest forrnqhe good Intelligence: dialectic, forms Reason: sense particulars used to stimulate thought Belief/opinion: sense particulars Imagination: objects are images of sense particulars (imagination makes things up) 31. How is the Cave Analogy supposed to illustrate the Line? They see the highest sense particular: the sun They see real things in the outside world Prisoners leave the cave and see reflections of sense objects in the outside world Prisoners turn and see puppets Prisoners see shadows of puppets cast on wall “with a little education the shackles can come off They see the copy, not the shadow of the copy Prisoner leaves and goes outside, sun is very bright 32. Knowledge of the Forms is the highest form of insight. What is the highest Form? How will it inform the Rulers in their role as directors of the just state? The highest form IS “good”. They WM 3 god: 90 910?“? 6% m‘” S‘V‘u- 1M3 ”’12“ ‘ 33. be the degenerate states Meats Socrates sees them, and how the degenerate' m viduals compare with them. Myw military!” "H“ W‘ (“C Timocratic person— ruled by honor/spirit Oligarchy— rule by a few greedy people from military Oligarchic person- ruled by appetite for wealth W— ruled by the people Democratic person— ruled by many competing appetites T 1e of the tyrant (no personal freedom) yranmc‘person- ruled by love of power (thrasymycus says this person is the happiest) 34. Give Plato’ s three final arguments to establish that the just person is the happiest person (has the best life). 1) political proof (by every measure the just man is happiest, the tyrant is miserable) 2) pleasure proof 1 (jury of pleasure tasters prefers pleasures of reasonfmtellect) reason, spirit, body 3) pleasure proof 2 (pleasure of mind is intrinsically better) l w ...
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