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Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy ν (cm -1 ) O-H stretch alcohol, hydrogen bound 3550-3200 strong (s), broad (br) alcohol, hydrogen bound 3700-3600 medium (s), sharp (sh) Carboxylic acids 3000-2500* s, very br N-H stretch ~3400* m, br C-H stretch C-H ~3300 s, sh =C-H ~3030 m, sh Alkane ~2900 s, sh Aldehyde ~2750 weak (w) C C stretch ~2150 w, sh C N stretch ~2250 w, sh C=O stretch 1800-1600 s Anhydride ~1815 and ~1760 Acid Chloride ~1790 Ester ~1745 Aldehyde ~1730 Ketone ~1715 Carboxylic Acid ~1710* Amide ~1645* (and N-H bend ~1630*)
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