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SCAN0013 - [0 WHY STUDY BILIRUBINS o Fisher determined...

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Unformatted text preview: [0 11/22/2010 WHY STUDY BILIRUBINS??? o:- Fisher determined their constitutional structured by degradation methods ' and total synthesis and provided a linear structure .:. Linear structures for bilirubin persist in biochemistry texts usually with the wrong (E) double-bond stereochemistry 1,2-BIS(3—METHOXYCARBONYL—N-PROPYL— METHYL (Z-FORMLY-3-MEI‘HYL-5THYNYL- 4-METHYL-5-FORMYL-2-PYRROYL)ETHYNE »1H-PYRROLYL-4-BUTANOATE) (3B, N=3) - (23, N:2) ...
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