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SCAN0024 - hcns stuck(9)101335 1:113le(‘ Focusing...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/10/2010 hcns stuck (9)101335 1:113le _ (‘ Focusing slit (—- Fnuusing clemcnl (g) mm; )aninw Ln n a E. n m g E Quadrupoles Remnant ions mun sunmaryurM'ssAnm rs Mm Anubw Mm Range Kemlmlon Smimny Advlllme Dimming? Mngmk 5mm 145.0%] ml; (mm mm H'mh m m scus - Very expensive High lodmical “puma: (llladnlpvln 14000 ml: mm Hiya Easy m m Lmv Its pawl." lnrxncmlu Ixyw run» nugc _.+ mw 3:in v [on “up 1.51m nx/: Huh am- (u \m: Luwnrx Sulfa: lenses Inaxpensiu 1;»- man nugc Hugh “'51!“le mum MSG/N”) Tum Mfirgh' l‘nhmilcd 0va Huh mm mugs Very M" m m: and RF volmgca WW ”NF“ rmm'cr "‘1!an up m‘m ma Very I .n m mm my ups-um: mm mugu High lochmml upma- ...
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