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Ethics Extra Credit EDM F08

Ethics Extra Credit EDM F08 - Ethics Extra Credit...

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Ethics Extra Credit Opportunity (5 points) (Due: Week of September 9 in LAB) For this extra credit opportunity please read the scenario below. Use the seven (7) ethical decision making steps described in lecture to decide what you would do in this situation. Your assignment should clearly explain your perspective on each of the seven steps. For some of the steps you may discuss what you “would” do (e.g., gathering data). You will not receive credit if your assignment is not typed. Scenario: A manufacturer of a test instrument wanted to offer a handheld unit with as many or more capabilities as competitive units, but priced 10 to 15 percent below the competition. In creating the product, engineers “overdesigned” the instrument, giving it even more capabilities than product management requested and, consequently, raising the manufacturing cost. To sell the device at 10% less than competitive units would result in a smaller than usual margin for the manufacturer. Marketing’s solution was to sell the unit at the lower price, but not to actively promote or
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