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A-12 Warren DB Instructions - in terms of the major...

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ACCT-361: Assignment #12 (10 points) Accounting Information Systems: A Bigger Picture 1. Download the "Warren" database from the Assignments folder. 2. Review the database carefully. We will be discussing this in class, and you will be called on to  comment.  Note that there are no forms, only tables and the queries necessary to create the two  financial statement reports. Required: 1. Print the balance sheet and income statement. 2. List all of the business operating events captured in this database.  You should organize your list 
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Unformatted text preview: in terms of the major business processes. I find the best way to determine the operating events is to review the tables and the contents of the tables. Is the table a master file, i.e., resource or agent? If so, continue to the next one. You need to identify the events. Event tables will include foreign keys for resources and agents and dates of the event. 3. In a few sentences only, explain the importance I would give to this database as emphasized in this course....
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