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KEY Midterm - Fall 2009 - ACCT 361 Fall 2009 MIDTERM EXAM -...

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ACCT 361 – Fall 2009 MIDTERM EXAM - KEY 300 points Query Exercise (50 points) Query Output: Prepare a daily sales report. The solution would indicate that sales for 9/1 were $397.83. Multiple Choice Questions (30 points total at 5 points each) 1. Periodic updating of the data stored about resources and agents is batch processing 2. A well-structured database imposes several requirements on the structure of tables. The constraint that ensures the consistency of the database by requiring all foreign keys have the value of a primary key of another table or be null is known as the referential integrity rule 3. Characteristics of interest that need to be stored about a particular object are: attribute 4. A general journal is used to record infrequent or non-routine transactions. 5. Certain documents or forms are generated and/or processed with each business process. The issuing of a purchase order is part of which business process? Acquisition/Payment process 6. Using a file-oriented approach to data and information, data is maintained in many separate files
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2 Short Answers (45 points total at 15 points each) 1. Give an example of a query for which you would need to use an outer join instead of an inner join. Students can give various answers, as long as it is clear an outer join is required. The homework used three: to determine ending quantity on hand, inventory valuation, and reorder
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KEY Midterm - Fall 2009 - ACCT 361 Fall 2009 MIDTERM EXAM -...

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