Midterm Exam Fall 2008

Midterm Exam Fall 2008 - NAME: _ COMPUTER ID: _ ACCT 361...

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NAME: _______________________________________________________________________ COMPUTER ID: _______________________________________________ ACCT 361 – Fall 2008 MIDTERM EXAM 300 points Query Exercise (36 points) The Orioles Shop database has been sent to each of your computers. You will find it in the shared documents folder in your My Documents directory. You will have five minutes at the beginning of class to develop a query that will answer the following question related to the Orioles Shop database. When you have completed the query, close the database. Resubmit the file to me. Once you have done this, then you can begin working on your written exam. You cannot return to your query. I will come to your computer after receiving your file and remove it from your folder on your computer.
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2 Query Question: What is the total invoice amount for Invoice #1023? Multiple Choice Questions (84 points total at 7 points each) 1. When viewed from the highest to most elemental level, the data hierarchy is a. attribute, record, file. b. record, attribute, key. c. file, record, attribute. d. key, record, file. 2. The eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a variant of ______ technology, which provides meaning to text. a. XML. b. GOPHER. c. SQL. d. FTP. 3. In transaction processing, generally which activity comes first? a. recording data in a journal b. posting items to special journals c. capturing business event data on source documents d. posting data to a ledger 4. Which of the following attributes would most likely be a foreign key in the pay for inventory purchases table? a.
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Midterm Exam Fall 2008 - NAME: _ COMPUTER ID: _ ACCT 361...

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