Midterm Key Fall 2008

Midterm Key Fall 2008 - icking Ticket #, [Order #],...

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Picking Ticket # , [Order #], [Warehouse Clerk #], date ORY: [Picking Ticket # ], [Stock # ], qty picked KEY ACCT 361 – Fall 2008 MIDTERM EXAM 300 points Query Exercise (36 points)
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2 Query Question: What is the total invoice amount for Invoice #1023? THE SOLUTION IS $340.93. Multiple Choice Questions (84 points total at 7 points each) 1. When viewed from the highest to most elemental level, the data hierarchy is file, record, attribute. 2. The eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a variant of ______ technology, which provides meaning to text. XML. 3. In transaction processing, generally which activity comes first? capturing business event data on source documents 4. Which of the following attributes would most likely be a foreign key in the pay for inventory purchases table? shipment number 5. The maximum cardinality of a relationship in an REA diagram can be either one or many. 6. The output (and bias) of the traditional accounting architecture is financial statement reporting. 7. The constraint that all foreign keys must have either null values or the value of a primary key in another table is referred to as which of the following? referential integrity rule
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Midterm Key Fall 2008 - icking Ticket #, [Order #],...

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