Step 2 Instructions - Due 11-9

Step 2 Instructions - Due 11-9 - Tools/Analyze/Documenter....

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ACCT-361 -- Database Project Step Two Using Microsoft Access, create the proposed tables with primary key, foreign keys and non-key attributes  of your Systems Project.  Populate each table with at least one record. You are welcome to review these  with me ahead of time. Required to be turned in: 1. Data dictionary for all tables. This can be accessed in MS Access under 
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Unformatted text preview: Tools/Analyze/Documenter. In the options, include for tables the properties and relationships, and for fields the names, data types, and sizes only. I want only one page per table output. 2. Screenprint of your relationships created in the database. 3. Attach your returned REA model from Step One of the project. This cannot be omitted....
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