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System Project Evaluation Sheet0

System Project Evaluation Sheet0 - linking table w linked...

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Database Project Score Name: ____________________________________ Requirements +/- Comments/ Explanation Start point 80.0% Industry relevance Extra creativity, effort, complexity REAL model w/cardinalities Business rules/controls Passwords Limit/range checks Validity rules Default values (inc. date in event) Input masks Closed-loop verifications Combo boxes required Tables complete and referential integrity set. Documentation of tables
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Unformatted text preview: *:* linking table w/ linked form for event with *:* relationship or three events prototyped if no *:* relationship Main menu and submenus by responsibility Forms: One for each event, one for each maintenance table. Ability to add and view restrictions on menus. 2 reports including event notification- must have ability to screenprint from menus Populated sufficiently and tested for functionality...
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