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Career Outlook Overview

Career Outlook Overview - example accountant" is too...

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Career Outlook Report Overview Overview In this project, you will research your tentative career choice and prepare a Career Outlook Report  summarizing your findings. The purpose of this project is to get you better acquainted with the requirements,  options, and prospects for your chosen career, in order to help you to make better career management choices  right from the start. In addition, you will gain familiarity with common research sources for company and  employment information. The project involves the following steps (two of which are covered on other pages) 1. Choosing a career/field to study.  2. Researching your chosen career and preparing a Research Summary.  3. Developing your Career Outlook Report.  Choosing a career/field to study First, you should choose a career that you would like to investigate. Some guidelines: You need to be somewhat specific, or your report will be too generic to be of much value. For 
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Unformatted text preview: example, accountant" is too broad. There are several sub-fields within accounting - such as government, tax, and audit - and although they have many things in common, there will be differences in salary, career path, and quality-of-life issues. If you need help refining your choice, please get in touch and we'll discuss it. • Although there are some advantages to choosing a career related to your internship (because you can take advantage of your coworkers' expertise), this is not a requirement. One you have made your choice, you will submit it on the course website. See the class schedule for due date. I will either approve the choice, or offer feedback to help you to refine your choice. Rev. 8/15/2007...
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