Developing Your Career Outlook Report

Developing Your Career Outlook Report -...

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Developing Your Career Outlook Report Audience The audience for your report should be college students in your major whose only jobs so far have been "typical" college-student jobs (restaurant server, store clerk, lifeguard, camp counselor). Your objective is to prepare these students to evaluate entry-level jobs, to make tentative career choices, and to be able to ask intelligent questions about career issues during job interviews. Content Your report should offer a concise but complete summary of what you learned in your research. If you did a good job on your research, you will probably have more information than will fit in your report. Use your judgment and aim for a good balance between depth and breadth--cover a broad range of topics, but be sure to include important details, or your report will be vague and not helpful. You do not need to supply citations for each specific fact in your report (that's what your Research Summary is for). You should, though, include a list of sources in the report.
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Developing Your Career Outlook Report -...

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