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Happy Eddie’s Used Car Dealership Happy Eddie’s is a small used car dealership conveniently located in the suburbs of Knoxville, Tennessee. Eddie buys, sells, and trades trucks and both small and large automobiles. Eddie has four salespeople besides the individuals mentioned in the following narrative. Purchases . Eric, the assistant sales manager and Eddie’s soninlaw, purchases automobiles from people in the community. A 3x5 card is completed on every newly purchased automobile; written on the card are the serial number, make, year, mileage, when purchased, and any comments on the features or the condition of the automobile. The newly purchased automobile is then routed to Eddie’s daughter, April, who manages the Service Department. Trade Ins . All tradeins are also handled by Eric. The amount of the tradein agreement is based on the make, year, mileage, and condition of the tradein. All this information is contained in a tradein agreement that is completed by Eric and the customer. The tradein is
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