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ACCT-361: In-Class Exercises - Cardinalities Relationship Cardinality: Describes the number of instances of one object that are related to a single instance in another object. Purpose: To plan how to link data objects and embed controls and business rules into an information system, and to determine how much room is needed to store data without introducing a great deal of duplication into a data repository. Object 1 (minimum, maximum)-------------------------(minimum, maximum) Object 2 1. A. Customers must pay for merchandise at the time of the sale. B. Customers may buy merchandise on credit and pay for all purchases made during the month with one payment at the end of the month. C. Customers may buy merchandise on credit and pay for that one sale with
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Unformatted text preview: installment payments. D. Customers may make minimum payments at the end of each month for purchases incurred. 2. A. Customers pay in full before merchandise is shipped. B. Customers may receive shipments on credit, and pay for several shipments in full with one payment. C. Customers may receive shipments on credit, pay for several shipments with each payment, and make partial payments on shipments. 3. A. Sale (0,*)----------------------------------(1,1) Customer B. Sale (1,*) ---------------------------------- (1,1) Customer C. Vendor (1,1) ---------------------------------- (0,*) Purchase D. Sale (0,*) ---------------------------------- (1,*) Merchandise E. Sale (0,1) ---------------------------------- (1,*) Car...
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