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ACCT-361 – Task Level Modeling In-Class Exercises Each employee records hours worked on a “time track” report and turns it in to his or her supervisor. At the end of each pay period, supervisors authorize all time track reports and send them to Payroll where a clerk enters the time data into a payroll ledger and then files the time track report by date. Near the end of each pay period, the Personnel department sends documents summarizing any payroll changes, such as newly hired or terminated employees and increases in pay rates. A payroll clerk enters this information into the payroll ledger and files the documents by employee number. The payroll clerk uses the payroll ledger to prepare paychecks for each employee. These paychecks are mailed to employees. The payroll clerk prepares a summary payroll report that is sent to management and a federal withholding report that is mailed to the appropriate government agency. Required:
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