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Journal Instructions - Journal Instructions How will I...

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Journal Instructions How will I benefit from keeping a journal about my internships? The journal will help you to: 1. Reflect on what your job is teaching you about your career goals and  preferences.  2. Synthesize the reading assignments and help you to apply them to your own  experiences.  3. Relate your work experience to your class work. When are journal entries due? Journal entries are due by Monday night each week. You may post your entry any time during the week, as long as it is finished by Monday night. I will usually read your entries on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please submit the journals on this courses blackboard website. The course calendar identifies twelve Mondays on which journal entries are due. You are required to post ten times. In other words, you may skip two weeks without a penalty. What should I write about? Each journal entry should consist of three sections: 1. Reading Start your journal entry by identifying the reading you did that week in TheRules of Work . Then reflect on what you read. Did you pick up useful insights? Can you think of
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Journal Instructions - Journal Instructions How will I...

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