Researching,Chose Career and Prepare a Research Summary

Researching,Chose Career and Prepare a Research Summary -...

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Researching Your Chosen Career and Preparing a Research Summary Topics: You should research the following topics. The list looks long, but that's because it's specific. 1. Educational and licensing requirements (if any) 2. Continuing education requirements (if any) 3. Current employment outlook for entry-level positions 4. Employment prospects in your field over the next ten years: o Is employment growing or shrinking, and at what approximate rate? o Is there a current or anticipated shortage (or surplus) of qualified job applicants? 5. Typical salary ranges for entry-level and senior positions 6. Examples of typical career paths 7. Work environment issues. What is it like for a professional in this field to go to work every day? The list of specifics varies by field, but here are some examples of issues: o Do professionals in this field tend to work alone on projects, or is most work done in groups? o Do working conditions tend to be pleasant (you'll have to define what "pleasant" means)? o How much time do professionals spend on the phone? In meetings? Using a computer? o Do professionals spend most of their time in the office, or out of the office (perhaps visiting clients)? o What is the typical dress code in this field? Some of these answers may vary--for example, dress code may depend on the corporate culture--but others will be fairly consistent across the profession. 8. Work-life balance issues. What issues do employees in this field face balancing their jobs and their personal lives? For example: o How long is a typical work week? (Note that the official number of hours and the actual number worked by professionals are often quite different.) o Is shift work required? Nights? Weekends? o
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Researching,Chose Career and Prepare a Research Summary -...

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