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fall 2008 homework 2

fall 2008 homework 2 - Prof Julie Shubin BULE 302-006-F08...

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Prof. Julie Shubin BULE 302-006-F08 BULE 302-007-F08 November 19, 2008 This homework assignment is due in class on Tuesday November 25, 2008. If you will not be attending class on Tuesday, then you need to get the homework to my office (you may use the drop box) on or before Tuesday November 25, 2008 (you must also send me an email letting me know that you delivered it to my office or to the drop box). I will not accept emailed copies unless you have received prior approval from me. The assignment is worth 40 points. The assignment must be typed (please include the question). If you obtain your answer information from a website – you may not copy it word for word – you need to put the information in your own words. If it is necessary to use a quote – use proper format (quotation marks or a block quote – and citation). 1. For this question, you must go to the website, www.papayaking.com . A. Describe what you think the Papaya King Franchise Contract would require regarding the franchisee’s business space. (4 points) B. What does the Papaya King franchisor believe are the three key
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