fall 2008 homework 3

fall 2008 homework 3 - question You may use whatever format...

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Prof. Julie Shubin BULE 302-006-F08 BULE 302-007-F08 November 26, 2008 This homework assignment is due in class on Thursday December 4, 2008. I will not accept emailed copies unless you have received prior approval from me. The assignment is worth 35 points. The assignment must be typed (please include the question). If you obtain your answer information from a website – you may not copy it word for word – you need to put the information in your own words. If it is necessary to use a quote – use proper format (quotation marks or a block quote – and citation). 1. I found the perfect place to launch my cupcake business. My cousin owns a historic house in Burke with a barn in the back. The barn has an old kitchen and some space that I can use as an office. My cousin says that I can use the barn. I’m ready to start – what should I do? (16 points about ½ of the assignment grade so you really need to think about this
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Unformatted text preview: question. You may use whatever format you would like to answer the question, but grammar and writing style will be considered). 2. In class, we discussed the case of the Tysons Corner Mall Santa Claus. Why is this news story relevant to our class topics (4 points). 3. My cousin’s (the cousin who lives in Burke, VA) daughter just turned 15. She wants to work at the Fairfax Wegmans. Is she old enough to get a job at Wegmans? (2 points). When can she apply for the job (1 point). Is there something she can do at her high school that will help her with the job process? (2 points) 4. Who owns 60% of Caribou Coffee and give me one fact about this owner? (5 points). 1 5. What does the “It’s the Law” poster from OSHA tell employers? (2 points) 6. What is the purpose of the Department of Labor’s elaw Advisors and give an example of a topic. (3 points) 2...
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fall 2008 homework 3 - question You may use whatever format...

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