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Name:_____________________________________________ Section: 2 (9:00) 1 (10:30) Where are you from? Do you plan to take the CPA exam? Do you work? If so, where? How many hours per week do you work at your job? What grade do you expect to receive from this course? ACCT 301 Instructor (or last 301 instructor if repeated)? ACCT 331 Instructor (or last 301 instructor if repeated)? Do you have a job lined up after graduation?
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Unformatted text preview: If so, please explain. Do you plan to get a graduate degree? If so, which degree? Do you have prior auditing experience (work experience or internship)? If so, please specify. Do you have prior accounting work experience? If so, please specify. What are your career plans? Tell me something interesting about yourself What do you hope to get from this course?...
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