Test 2 HW - Auditing a Clients Bank Reconciliation), 6.54,...

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ACCT 461 Spring 2010 Homework Assignments Note: Students should consider these homework problems required to succeed in the course though these assignments will not be submitted for grading purposes Test 2 Homework: Problems from Louwers: 6.47 (The SECOND problem labeled 6.46 entitled “Procedures for
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Unformatted text preview: Auditing a Clients Bank Reconciliation), 6.54, 7.57, 7.58, 8.45, 8.47, E.51, E.64, F.71 Test 3 Homework: Problems from Louwers: 9.45, 9.52, 10.50, 11.54, 12.47, A.45, D.40...
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