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acct 301 syllabus 2007

acct 301 syllabus 2007 - ACCT 301-Fall 2007 Financial...

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1 ACCT 301-Fall 2007 Financial Accounting and Managerial Decision Making Section 007: Wednesday, 7:20-10:00 pm, Fine Arts Building B 108 Section 008: Thursday, 4:30-7:10 pm, East Building 201 Instructor : Mikhail Pevzner, PhD, CPA (inactive) Office: Enterprise Hall 108 Phone: (703) 993-1755 Fax: (703) 993-1809 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 5:30-7 pm, Wednesdays, 3-4 pm, Thursdays, or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION The course examines financial accounting from the viewpoint of preparers and users of financial statements, including using financial statement information to make financing, operating, and investing decisions for firms. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To be able to understand the underlying economics of identified business events and transactions, record them in terms of generally accepted accounting principles, and present recorded events in the form of various financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, statement of changes in equity and statements of cash flows; 2. To be able to identify the relevant operating, investing, and financing transactions of a firm and use financial statement data to make decisions and draw inferences about the underlying economic performance of the firm. 3. Learning objectives: Acct 301 students will be competent in their discipline. More specifically, they will be able to: o Record economic transactions using double-entry bookkeeping; o Construct basic financial statements; o Understand basic ratio analysis; o Use fundamental accounting principles of accounting for: + Revenue and receivables; + Cost of sales and inventory; + Fixed assets; + Time value of money and short- and long-term liabilities;
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2 + Owners equity; + Marketable securities. Acct 301 students will be aware of the uses of technology in business through Gold Run Snowmobile practice set application. By using this application, they will familiarize themselves with basic principles of computerized bookkeeping. Acct 301 students will be critical thinkers. They will further develop their critical thinking skills as part of Gold Run snowmobile application where they will have to analyze and propose accounting for real life business transactions. Required materials: Financial Accounting by Libby, Libby, and Short (2005), 5 th edition, ISBN 978- 0073208145. Used version without annual report is acceptable. Homework Manager, Software subscription from McGraw-Hill. A homework manager card must be bought in the bookstore. Homework manager websites: Section 007 : http://mh6.brownstone.net/classes/007PevznerS08/ Section 008: http://mh6.brownstone.net/classes/008PevznerS08/ Practice Set, Practice Set, ON LINE VERSION---NOT HARDCOPY -- Gold Run Snowmobile, Inc.(Computerized Business Simulation). Available at www.pklsoftware.com . SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET IT IN THE END OF THE SYLLABUS (page 14).
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acct 301 syllabus 2007 - ACCT 301-Fall 2007 Financial...

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