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practice set requirmenet - ACCT 301 Spring 2008 Gold Run...

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ACCT 301 – Spring 2008 Gold Run Snowmobile, Inc Computerized Business Simulation General: This is an individual project. Working with or obtaining help from another person is not permitted and a violation of the GMU Honor Code . Any question relative to the project is to be asked on Webct41—not via e-mail to your professor or one on one discussion with him or her. Only the professor may respond to appropriate questions on Blackboard. This is because the grade on this project may be used in determining the winner of the lap top and it is an individual work product. Format for submission: This is a two part project. For uniformity and ease of handling, DO NOT PUT YOUR PAPER(S) IN A FOLDER OR BINDER (Part 1) . Instead, place a cover sheet—same paper—that includes your name, section number and your instructor’s name and staple together. Requirements: Be sure to download the student’s manual and read introductory information on how the system works and what to do. Part one - consists of recording transactions for December 4-10 and preparing an income statement. . o Required submissions : 1. Hard copy of your Trial Balance as of December 10, 2007—printed from the Gold Run System. 2. Income Statement in good form (see page 124 in your text) for the week ended December 10, 2007---prepare the income statement from the trial balance using “Excel”. Part two
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practice set requirmenet - ACCT 301 Spring 2008 Gold Run...

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