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Basic Traditions 2 - Actions-guides how we act Our...

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Communication Theory and Scholarship Basic Traditions Lecture by Natalie Nelson-Marsh What theories are Abstractions-set of categories-leave something out Patterns, relationships, variables-leaves something’s out Can’t reveal the whole truth Guidebooks to understand, explain, interpret, judge, and communicate Constructions-examine something in the world-not by God How to categorize and observe Name concepts Broad or narrow Environments as reality Discovery of hidden fact Seeking/thinking of the world
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Unformatted text preview: Actions-guides how we act Our practices Thinking Set of instructions on reading the world and acting in it Governs our approach to the world” How are theories limited and beneficial “Questioning theories usefulness is wiser than questioning its truthfulness Dimensions and how we use them to explore communication theory Why/how does it (the) mode apply Philosophical assumptions: Epistemology, ontology, and axiology Concepts, explanations, and principles...
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