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Basic Traditions 4 - Concepts-operationalized Scientific...

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Communication Theory and Scholarship Basic Traditions Lecture by Natalie Nelson-Marsh Nomothetic Theory Seeks universal or general laws How social life works 1. Develop questions 2. Form hypothesis 3. Test hypothesis 4. Formulate theory Hypothetic-deductive method-complex analyzing parts Variable-analytic tradition Hypothesis must be falsifiable Testable framed potential Rejection is possible Hypothesis testing-looking for expectations Control and manipulation Philosophical assumptions Epistemology-empiricist and rationalist ideals Reality is distinct from human being World out there for scientist Axiology-value-neutral stance Science-value issues Don’t play role in science Ontology-scientific theory assumes Behavior is determined and responsive to biology and environment Lawful statements about phenomena develop generalizations across situations
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Unformatted text preview: Concepts-operationalized Scientific research-precise in observation Variables in hypothesis stated in ways explain exactly how to observe them Highly rewarding Anintrinsic reward Intrinsic reward Measurements: Validity-degree to which observation measures what it is supposed to measure Reliability-construct measured accurately-estimated by consistency, operationalized, highly precise, and measurable Explanations-causal Covering laws Theoretical statements of cause and effect Relevant to particular set of variables across situations Predictions about future events determine what will happen Variable Power over environment Scientific realism-believes in a real world of real things with true characteristics and casual effects No principles...
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  • Spring '09
  • NatalieNelson-Marsh
  • Natalie Nelson-Marsh, Variable-analytic tradition Hypothesis, reward Intrinsic reward, Nelson-Marsh Nomothetic Theory

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Basic Traditions 4 - Concepts-operationalized Scientific...

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