Dissciative Identity Disorder

Dissciative Identity Disorder - in killing another person...

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11/10/10 Movie Notes Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) No genetic blueprint No one can agree if it exists Comes from extreme trauma When they are very young, they create alters to deal with the pain that they can’t Intensive psychotherapy with every single personality until the alters go away because they are no longer necessary and only the core personality is left Most rare personality disorder When they dissociate, the core personality blacks out Once in therapy, one personality can connect with another Personalities can switch at any time Currently there is no expert in this field Ken Bianchi claimed he was a multiple and could not be held responsible for his actions
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Unformatted text preview: in killing another person, Martin Orrin, an expert in multiple personality disorder however doesn’t believe in the disorder, cracked the case Gretchen • Honors student • Myself • Violent personality • Artistic personality John • Policeman • His dog could sense different personalities Barb • Has a husband and three children • Alter ego says that the kids are not her children • One personality is male and he punched a concrete wall • One personality is a teenager and goes on spending sprees • Father brought home men to have sex with her and got paid • Treated for depression...
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Dissciative Identity Disorder - in killing another person...

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