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Macro Equations

Macro Equations - Payments NDP(National Domestic Product...

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Chapter 5 Formulas GDP (Gross Domestic Product) = C (consumption) + Ig (gross investment) + G (government spending) + X (exports) – M (imports) Personal Income= (Wages/Salaries) + (Rent) +(Interest) + (Income from Unincorporated Enterprises) + (dividends) + (Government Transfer Payments) OR Personal Income = NDP – (Corporation Income Taxes) – (Undistributed Corporation Profits) + (Government Transfer
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Unformatted text preview: Payments) NDP (National Domestic Product) = (Wages/Salaries) + (Rent) + (Interest) + (Income from unincorporated enterprises) + (corporation profits before taxes) OR NDP= GDP – CCA – Indirect Business Taxes PDI (personal disposable income) = PI – Personal Income Taxes OR PDI = Consumption + Savings...
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