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Negotiation Lecture - Offer the other side something that...

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NEGOTIATION LECTURE Negotiation is a planned conflict with two approaches Need to do your research for both in order to be successful Distributive Negotiation o Dividing a fixed pie o Win-lose o Focused on power positions o Perceived incompatible goals Integrative Negotiation o Seeking mutually beneficial alternatives o Win-win o Focus on underlying interests o Perceived compatible goals Guideline for Integrative Negotiations o Attend to interests, not positions o Compatible issues/shared goals o Be flexible and creative o Logrolling-trade-off across issues
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Unformatted text preview: Offer the other side something that they value more than you, in exchange for gaining something from them that you value more than they do • Requirements for Effective Integrative Negotiations o Openness with information on both sides o Candidness about concerns o Sensitivity to each others needs o Ability to trust one another o Willingness to be flexible BATNA Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (applies to salaries and two job offers) * Never “Fall in Love” with a particular solution, be flexible...
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