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Change Leadership Lecture Notes

Change Leadership Lecture Notes - Change Leadership Lecture...

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Change Leadership Lecture Notes Reactions to Change Status Quo= Expectations being met Change= Disruption of Expectations Result-Stress Components of Effective Change: Q x A = E (quality of the change solution) x (change management strategy to gain acceptance of the change) = (effectiveness of the change effort)
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Create a Sense of Urgency Purpose o Create dissatisfaction with the status quo (greater than the natural resistance to change) o Promote a shared recognition of the need and logic for change Resistance: Is any opposition to a shift in the status quo and is a common response to change Is a natural reaction that must be expected and managed Occurs because people are control oriented, and when their environment is disrupted, they perceive that they have lost control in their lives Will vary from person to person because each individual has his or her own unique frame of reference that influence how he or she views the change Your Tolerance for Change Routine Seeking
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  • Spring '07
  • Bailey
  • Management, change management strategy, Change Status Quo=, Routine Seeking Tendency, Short-Term Thinking Tendency, Expectations Result-Stress Components, Lecture Notes Reactions

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