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Intro - them(magic “v” • Make sure you can see the...

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Public Communication Stance: Avoid any distractions with your feet or pacing Feet firmly planted on the ground, hip width apart Prevent popping your hip, keep them square Don’t lock the knees, keep them slightly bent and soft Stand tall, elongate your body Keep shoulders back and relaxed Keep hands natural at your side, subtle movement/hand gesture is OK, but cannot be repetitive Have no objects in your hands Sight: Eye contact, lasting and memorable Engaging the audience by looking at them With every thought look at a different individual for a long amount of time Don’t look at just certain people, but cover everyone Use “anchors” only in large audiences and look at different people in different sections, because the “v” behind them will feel as if you are looking directly at
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Unformatted text preview: them (magic “v”) • Make sure you can see the audience, even if it requires stepping out of the light Public Communications Class Code Of Ethics AUDIENCE • Respectful • Quiet put phones on vibrate • Listen • Don’t talk to others • Return eye contact • Keep laptops closed • No falling asleep • Staggered breaks • Laugh at the jokes SPEAKERS • Don’t be monotone • Don’t apologize for mistakes • Put in an effort • Speak loudly, project • Know your audience, don’t talk down, don’t talk about things they won’t understand, talk about something that will interest the audience or find useful • Be assertive and precise • Respect time, rehearse, and time yourself beforehand • Keep your hands away from your face • Engage the audience by showing your personality...
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Intro - them(magic “v” • Make sure you can see the...

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