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Lesson 17 - Many U.S Federal Laws on Privacy(now more than...

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Lesson 17: Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems Privacy The right to be left alone The right to own information about one’s personal life The control that individuals or organization exercise over information about themselves Many believe that it is an essential component of individual autonomy and dignity Widespread loss of privacy via “digitized footprint” Banking Shopping Travel Phone Calls Insurance Property Ownership Investment/securities Voting Employment Social Security/Welfare Video rentals Licenses Credit purchases Libraries Electronic Mail Internet Commerce Two nation information systems in the U.S.: Commercial and Government Threats to privacy There is no privacy without security Interconnection of national information systems Cross-tabulation of data Potential for major damage/destruction via tampering with national systems
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Unformatted text preview: Many U.S. Federal Laws on Privacy (now more than 200, including) • Privacy Act (1974) • Right to Financial Privacy Act (1980) • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (1986) • Video Privacy Protection Act (1988) • Computer Matching & Privacy Protection Act (1988) • Software Copyright Protection Act (1992) • Gramm-Leach-Billey Act (1999) Federal Information Dissemination (Anti-Privacy) Regulations • Freedom of Information Act (1996, 1974) Public access to government information • Government in the Sunshine Act (1976) open federal agency meetings to the public • Patriot Act (2001) Empowers federal agencies to combat terrorism Privacy and Electronic Commerce • The internet is the most efficient market research data gathering mechanism ever invented • We are now rapidly losing privacy • Trade-off between privacy and speed with convenience of use • Privacy seal programs...
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