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Lesson 7 Notes - Lesson 7 Notes: Telecommunications and...

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Lesson 7 Notes: Telecommunications and Enterprise Networks Telecommunications The transmission of data/information (usually electronically) from one place to another Also referred to as Data Communications, telecomputing, Datacom, Telecom The integration of computers with communications technology to facilitate a firm’s operations Conduct electronic business transactions via networks: o Internet o Local area network o Wide area networks o Intranet o Extranet Local Area Networks A system of computers that allows multiple users access to a central database, software, and peripheral devices- controlled by a network server (file server) A limited number of terminals (computers) connected in a limited physical space Owned by the user organized Example: Local Area Network (Star Configuration) Wide Area Networks A network of computers and peripheral devices covering a large geographic area Service provided by common carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, etc. Use via public-measured service, leased line Also private organization often own channel & equipment Examples of private systems: o Long distance telephone companies o Airline reservation systems o Bank networks/ATM o Government agencies Example of a wide area network: mainframe (headquarters)
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Lesson 7 Notes - Lesson 7 Notes: Telecommunications and...

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