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Lesson 4 Notes Relationship between organizations and Information Technology * See Notes Features of organizations: Organizations= stable arrangements of people for efficiency of operations Division of labor Flat vs. Hierarchy Line and staff Specialists vs. generalists The Informal Organization Networks of persons with personal relationships that share information The “grapevine” Flattening Organization A traditional hierarchical organization with many levels of management An organization that has been “flattened” by removing layers of management
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Unformatted text preview: through use of IT Business Processes • Routines or procedures are processes for making goods or services • Standard Operating Procedures= precise rules, practices to cope with situations • Benchmarking= Comparing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes against industry standards Porter’s Competitive Value Chain • Porter believes that firms develop a competitive advantage by creating a value chain • Primary value activities and secondary value activities • ** look up the business value chain model or industry value chain...
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