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Lesson 2 Notes

Lesson 2 Notes - Lesson 2 Notes The Information Society...

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Lesson 2 Notes: The Information Society Information Technology is changing the world It all begins with information: information is power Information is: o A resource that is intangible o Non-depletable o Immediately available o A competitive “weapon” We mass produce information in the way we mass produce cars The change: from smokestack economy to information economy= digital economy U.S. Workforce History Agriculture workforce has decreased because productivity has increased Service sector has been steady throughout hundreds of years Manufacturing sector, increased after WWII, decreased now due to the intro of IT and outsourcing Information sector has increased over the years and is at its peak, expected to decrease slowly Something is happening to create a new era Three Eras in the United States Agriculture Manufacturing Information Next? Some Early Information Applications: Airline Reservations- 1960’s, 1970’s, used computers Hotel/Rental Car Reservations- must sell on a day-to-day basis
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