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Al-Qur’an Also known as; Al- Koran, Al-Quran or Al-Coran The “Al” means ‘the’ and “Qur’an” means ‘Recitation’, therefore it means “The Recitation” Suras are chapters Christian missionaries used to claim that the Qur’an was obscure, because it wasn’t chronological. It is organized longest sura to shortest sura. Historically, that is the way books were compiled, such as in the Bible, the letters to St. Paul in the New Testament are arranged longest to shortest. MUHAMMAD Timeline: o 570 ce Born in the city of Mecca o 610 ce Revelation o 622 ce Hejira (moved from Mecca to Medina) o 630 ce Death Was an orphan raised by his uncle and wet nurse in the Bedouins Worked as a merchant for an older successful widower whom he married Was average, other than being known for being incredibly honest Mecca was a religious centre, where a few months a year, wars would cease and people would travel to Mecca to pray and worship the idols Muhammad had a habit of not going to worship, but rather going to a cave in the
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Unformatted text preview: dessert meditating. It as there that he had a visit from the angel Gabriel who said, “Recite what is written in your heart” • Muhammad was reluctant to begin his career as a prophet, but he did and continued to receive random recitations (the suras) • Muhammad could not read or write, therefore he would say the recitations and his followers would repeat it and memorize it • Muhammad claimed that there was only one god and that those that worshipped false idols would receive damnation, because Mecca was known as a religious centre where you can worship the idols, Muhammad caused conflict and was forced to move to Medina. • After his wife died, Muhammad married seven women, mostly political arrangements because he was also a political leader • The earlier suras (found at the end of the Qur’an) were shorter and more poetic in form and content. The later suras that Muhammad received were longer with more rules and regulations...
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