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EDWARD SAID (Author of Covering Islam) Bio: Palestinian Christian Raised in Cairo Born before Israel became a nation Educated in the US PhD in Comparative Literature Dissertation on Joseph Conrad Professor of Comparative Literature at Columbia until his death In 1978 Published- Orientalism Titled his memoir “Out of Place” because he didn’t fit into either category of East or West category Joseph Conrad Said wrote his dissertation on Conrad Conrad wrote The Heart Of Darkness , which is about colonization/imperialism/colonialism and “The West” assuming control of Africa. Metaphorically, it Is about the violation of “the other” How is Edward Said connected to Islam then? Islam might fall under the category of “the other” to “the west” because many Islamic countries have been colonized which is what Conrad was all about. Said was not East or West because he was born in the East and raised in the West,
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Unformatted text preview: which put him in a position to write on identity Orientalism is about how the words: Islam, the Orient, Persian, Muslim, Asiatic, Muhammadean, Saracen, and Turk are used interchangeably and not defined. The rest defined the oriental other using all of these words without knowing the distinction. Nome of these words has any intrinsic reality. For Said, Orientalism is part of the hegemony of social control, because Orientalism defines the other in order to control the people upon whom the word defines. Said employs what he calls Archeology of Knowledge (a term coined by Michel Foucault) The archeology of knowledge is going through the layers of text, which accumulate and develop over time to define Orient, but it is not real, it is an accumulation of ideas. The West accumulates over time different ideas that define The East which in turn defines The West. This can be violent, lustful and irrational....
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