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Kristie Fambro 2/24/2010 Results/Discussion Results: Small particle percent did not differ between the hillside and forest (table 1). The calculated p- value shows no significance- 0.093. There was a difference in the medium particle percent; the forest soil samples had a larger portion of medium sized particles compared to the hillside. A p-value of 0.026 (table 1) supports a significant difference. Table 2 and 3 respectively show the percent moisture and percent organic matter in the soil samples. In both cases, there was a significant difference in the percent moisture and organic matter; the forest samples had higher percents moisture and organic matter. The respective p- values are highlighted in the tables, both showing significance. The forest had approximately 3 times the amount of invertebrates compared to the hillside (table 4). This difference was supported with a significant p-value of 0.000255. One of the invertebrate communities in the forest and hillside differed in its abundance; the hillside had a higher abundance of mites compared to the forest. The p-value, 0.0011, supports that the difference was significant. There was not a difference in springtail abundance in the two different locations (table 5). Relationships between abiotic factors and invertebrate abundance were examined. There is a positive correlation between medium particle size and total invertebrates (figure 7); a p value of 0.01 supports this correlation. P-value was calculated using the R coefficient (table 6). Medium particle size
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ecology.results.disscussion - Kristie Fambro...

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