EcologyLab - Kristie Fambro April 27, 2009 Ecology Lab Dr....

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Unformatted text preview: Kristie Fambro April 27, 2009 Ecology Lab Dr. Sutton Introduction: Ecological succession is a change in the environment that occurs as a result of changes in a species structure in an ecological community over time. These changes generally occur because of two different reasons. One of the reasons being a drastic change in climate because of natural causes: fire, wind storm etc. The other reason being the environment was optimally fit for a particular species and as time passed, the optimal growth of the species began to alter the conditions of the environment. This alteration will favor another species more and will result in the original dominant species to die because the two are now competing for resources. An example of the second cause could be a person’s garden. When a plot is first selected and tilled, weeds will begin to grow into the plot before anything is planted. Once a vegetable is planted, the weeds have to be monitored because they will compete for resources and eventually choke the vegetable if they are allowed to grow optimally (Penn State). To test this model, an experiment was written comparing two different forested areas of different ages in Kennesaw Georgia. It was hypothesized that forest stands that differ in length of time since major disturbance will differ in species composition. I t was predicted that the area with the larger mean circumference of pines would be the older forested area and more diverse. This particular area also would have a lower ratio of pines forested area and more diverse....
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EcologyLab - Kristie Fambro April 27, 2009 Ecology Lab Dr....

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