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Kristie Fambro November 19, 2008 Seat #1 Project Paired The study was taken from The Women’s Physician Health Study in 1993. We are looking at a subset of 1005 out of 4501. They conducted the study to look at the personal health habits and prevention related clinical habits and characteristics of female doctors in the United States. The ethnicities of the study varied: 3% Hispanic, 3% black, 3% other, 80% white, and 10% Asian. Variables such as pulse rate and total minutes of exercise were calculated. The mean pulse rate was approximately 71.1. The average minute of exercise per week for the physicians was approximately 235.8 minutes. There was a total of 941 physicians who participated in this particular study. It is hypothesized that there will be a difference in hours of nonclinical and clinical work completed by each physician. The rules of sample means had to be met: population is not bell shaped, but there is a large random sample. The mean for the hours of nonclinical duties was 11. We are 95% confident that the true mean for hours of nonclinical duties
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