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Anticipation Guide Questions - Anticipation Guide...

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Anticipation Guide Questions: Standard SB1: Students will analyze the nature of the relationships between structures and functions in living cells. 1. What is the structure that helps prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells maintain control of their internal environments ? 2. Maintaining balance in an organism’s internal environment is called _______? 3. The plasma membrane allows some substances to enter the cell and harmful substances to say out. What is the name of the term that describes this ability? 4. Which major macromolecule is found in the plasma membrane? 5. How does the phospholipid bilayer allow the cell to stay in homeostasis ? 6. What transports signals to the inside of the cell , gives the cell its shape by anchoring plasma membrane to cells internal structure, and can move substances or waste materia ls through the plasma membrane? 7. What helps prevents fatty acids from sticking together in the plasma membrane?
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Anticipation Guide Questions - Anticipation Guide...

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