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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Chapter Cellular structure and Cellular Function Function Page 180 7.1 Cell Discovery 7.1 Robert Hooke looked Robert at bark to see cells! at Claim to fame = Claim “named the cell” after his room. his Anton van Leeuwenhoek Anton Built on Hooke’s Built ideas and built a better microscope and saw many living things! things! Cell Theory Cell 1. All living things are 1. made of 1+ cells. made 2. Cells are the basic 2. units of structure and organization of living things. things. 3. Cells come from 3. other cells. other Cell Types - 2 Cell Prokaryotic - Smaller - Simpler - Ex - bacteria - Eukaryotic Larger Complex Contains Organelles Contains Organelles ex – everything but ex bacteria bacteria Cell Membrane/Plasma Membrane Cell Every single cell has a Every plasma/Cell membrane - no matter what type! no Protects 2 layers Cytoplasm Cytoplasm Jelly-like substance enclosed by cell membrane Chemical reactions can take place here Nucleus Nucleus The “BRAIN” that controls the cell Bounded by a nuclear membrane Contains chromosomes/ DNA Nucleolus Nucleolus ( separate part of the nucleus) separate No DNA Makes Ribosomes Cytoskeleton= Cytoskeleton= “skeleton in the cytoplasm” Microtubules = Microtubules Small tubes in the tubes cytoplasm cytoplasm Microfilaments = Small Filled tubes in the Small Filled cytoplasm cytoplasm Vacuole Vacuole Storage! For: Sugars, proteins, minerals, wastes, & water Larger in PLANTS! Cheese = “Vacuum” Ribosomes Ribosomes Tiny structure that Tiny can be free-floating can or attached to ER. or Makes Proteins! Cheese = Ribs (ribosomes) are meat and meat is protein! meat Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Endoplasmic Helps assemble the Helps protein. protein. 2 types: Smooth Rough (ribosomes) Cheese = Real ER “helps” put people (proteins) together together Lysosome Lysosome Helps digest, clean, Helps kill the cell. kill Cheese = Lysol! Golgi Apparatus Golgi Helps to modify the Helps protein (product) and ship it (vesicles)– either around the cell or out of cell. or Cheese – Vesicles = vehicles Vesicles Go Go golgi! Go Mitochondria Mitochondria Supplies energy to Supplies the cell (like the vesicle so it can go, go, go!) go, Universal Cheese = Powerhouse Powerhouse Cramer Cheese = Mighty Mitochondria! Mighty Plant Cell Additions Plant Cell Wall = Additional layer around Additional the c.membrane the support Photosynthesis “filled with chloraphyll” Chloroplast = Chloroplast ...
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